Membership Upgrades

Update to he right membership level for you - Below you find information about each membership level.

Info: For the first weeks, all features are free to our members.

Unverified Member (Default)

The default usergroup. Users in this usergroup will not be able to create threads in certain restrictive forums like Power Leveling, Boosting and other forums.

Signature links and images disabled
Can't edit thread title
Can't create threads in leveling and boosting forums (currently disabled)
40 second delay between posts
Inbox size: 20 messages
Edit time limit: 15 days


Verified Member

Become a verified member. All restrictions of the unverified usergroup removed and following extras added:

Inbox: Store Up to 1,000 Conversations
Posting: Custom Links Enabled
Posting: Edit Body Enabled
Posting: Edit Thread Title
Posting: Shorter Delays Between Posting
Profile: Added To Donation Group
Profile: Add Attachments to Conversations
Signature: Add Image Enabled
Signature: Add Custom URL Enabled
Signature: Increased Rows/Characters
Support: Increased Priority Ticket Support
Upgrade: Verified Banner Added

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Premium Member

Become a Premium Member grants you all features of the Verified Membership. Additionally the following extras are added:

Inbox: Create Filters
Inbox: Create Participant Groups
Inbox: Edit Conversations
Inbox: Lock Conversations
Inbox: Sticky Conversations
Inbox: Store Up to 10,000 Conversations
Posting: Delete Posts
Posting: Delete Threads
Posting: Edit Posts
Posting: Edit Threads
Posting: Merge Posts
Posting: Merge Threads
Posting: Move Posts
Posting: Move Threads
Upgrade: Inactive Username Takeover
Upgrade: Premier Banner Added
Upgrade: Username Color Changes
Posting: No Delays Between Posting
Posting: Undelete Posts
Posting: Undelete Threads
Profile: Increased Avatar Size
Profile: Increased Profile Picture
Reputation: Feedback Removal Request
Reputation: Free Unban Chat Request
Security: Detect Multiple Accounts
Security: Fraud Prevention Tools Unlocked
Signature: Add Multiple URLs
Signature: Increased Lines/Characters
Support: Increased Priority Ticket Support
Upgrade: Access to Beta Section
Upgrade: Access to Free Section
Upgrade: Access to Premium Section
Upgrade: Change Username Enabled

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Pro Member

The best membership option! Users in this usergroup will have access to all options of other membership groups and the following additional extras:

Inbox: Automated Conversation Replies
Inbox: Canned Conversation Replies
Inbox: Create Prefixes
Inbox: Schedule Conversations
Posting: Bump Threads Automated
Posting: Bump Threads Scheduling
Posting: Canned Post Replies
Posting: Free Sticky Thread Requests
Posting: HTML Enabled For Posts
Posting: HTML Enabled For Threads
Posting: Schedule Threads
Posting: Schedule Threads Bulk Option
Security: Multi-Account Detection Enabled
Upgrade: Allowed 1 Additional Account
Upgrade: Hide IP Address
Upgrade: Pro Seller Banner Added
Upgrade: Unban Account Request

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