News CSGO: The best CS:GO players of all time


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Aug 26, 2018

  • GeT_RiGhT – Photo via DreamHack

  • kennyS – Photo via ESL

  • GuardiaN – Photo via StarLadder

  • coldzera – Photo via BLAST Pro Series

  • flusha – Photo via ELEAGUE

  • s1mple – Photo via ESL

  • ZywOo – Photo via ESL

  • dev1ce – Photo via DreamHack

  • Olofmeister – Photo via Dreamhack

  • NiKo – Photo via ESL

CS:GO has a ton of star players. Through its rich competitive history and what could almost be described as a cult-like following, the franchise has seen players take the game to another level all-together.

Whether it’s down to intuition or a complete grasp of the game’s mechanics, the best players are rewarded for their practice by pulling off shots and strategies that leave audiences baffled. With so many ways for players to show their talents both mechanically and tactically, the best players always found a way to rise above the rest and prove what they’re made of.

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