Guide FIFA 21 Future Stars guide: Get boosted versions


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Feb 7, 2021
FIFA 21 Future Stars presents an exciting opportunity to see an outstanding striker reach his potential - without having to go through a five-year career path. The Ultimate Team promotion lasts two weeks and provides a number of elite youngsters with a record of significantly improved FIFA 21 statistics that mark the pinnacle of their careers. Premier League luminaries include Chelsea's Reece James and Stephen Bergwijn of Les Spurs, while those looking to move beyond FIFA's most popular league can choose to take advantage of Dortmund midfielder Giovanni Reina and Rennes maestro Eduardo Cahuenga. Want to see how it all works and find all the players? Read on for the FIFA 20 Future Stars guide.

What is FIFA 21 Future Stars and how do they work?

FIFA 21 Future Stars is a set of ultimate team cards that represent players at the peak of their careers, not the present. Take Giovanni Reyna, for example. The son of former American pros Claudio Reyna and Danielle Egan, the 18-year-old son of the wonderful Borussia Dortmund team, is expected to add to the US Bundesliga and international competition for several years - and as a result, earn a 91-year-old CAM card, 23 points better than his standard 68-point silver medal. Reyna's Supercard offers 99 agility, 91 accelerations, 89 gaits, 97 short passes and 99 curves.

All players on the FIFA 20 Future Stars list are 23 years old or younger and you can see the complete kit at the bottom of this guide.

When will FIFA 21 Future Stars be released?

The first batch of FIFA 21 Future Stars was released on Friday 5 February. It contains 11 players, including Reyna, Camavinga (CM, 91), James (RB, 87) and Bergwijn (LM, 89). This last couple is joined by another Premier League player: Harvey Barnes of Leicester City (CAM, 88). Reyna and Camavinga have the honor of being the "best stars of the future", while the "worst" (if you can use that term, since he scored 85 points in total with a rhythm of 88 and a fitness of 84) is the Milanese left-back Diogo Dalot.

How much does FIFA 21 Future Stars cost?

As I write, three FIFA 21 Future Stars are pushing you over the million mark. Camavinga has a score of 91, a defensive score of 87, and an incredible physique of 2.9 million, while his comrade Reyna, ranked 91, will cost you 1.9 million. Bergwijn is another player costing more than seven figures with a score of 94 and a key asking price of 1.2 million.

Looking for FIFA 21 Future Stars special offers with free FIFA 21 coins? Real Madrid goalkeeper Andriy Lunin cost 56K for a card with a tempo of 87, while the above-mentioned Dalot item currently sells for 83K. All prices are correct on PS4 as of Friday, February 5th.