Rocket League Tournaments Updated


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Apr 30, 2020
The Tournaments feature lets all players participate in an exciting format of 32 team single-elimination brackets. These events will occur multiple times each day in each region, maximizing accessibility.

The goal of this game mode is to offer players the sensation of playing within the pro scene. Imitating Rocket League esports Rocket League Items , this competitive spree allows players to play one match each round until reaching semifinals or the finals, both of which are better of three matches.

Players can check in for Rocket League Tournaments as a team or solo. Upon launch of this feature, revamped Tournaments will support 3v3 play, where solos and duos are sorted appropriately. When it involves placing players, the system will initially sort players into teams supported their competitive ranks. Thankfully, boosting others are going to be difficult since a team’s skill is represented by its highest-ranked player Rocket League Credits . consistent with Rocket League, “if two Gold II players team with a Diamond I player, that team are going to be entered into a Diamond Tournament.”

A new in-game currency called Tournament Credits is introduced during this update. Tournament Credits are earned through winning games and may be redeemed for Cups, which may grant their own cosmetic rewards supported a team’s increased tournament ranks.

In order to stay the mode fair, players who leave early or don't enter their games receive temporary matchmaking and Tournament bans.