Guide Short Guide for OBS with dedicated graphic card for encoding


Staff member
Aug 26, 2018

for all interested in streaming with a second graphic card, here is a short guide to setup Open Broadcaster Software using the second GPU for encoding.

  • Make sure your graphic cards are from the same Manufacturer (Like 2x Intel or 2x AMD, mixed cards causing driver problems)
  • It should only be used when your game running smooth enough with a single card, so the second card can be used for streaming / encoding

Step 1: Disable SLI
For full encoding power of your second graphic card, disable SLI in the first step.

Desktop -> Right click -> Nvidia options

Step 2: Set OBS to use the second GPU for encoding

Set the Encoder to NVENC and change GPU from 0 (Card 1) to 1 (Card 2)

Thats all you need to configure for streaming with a dedicated GPU.
With a tool like GPU-Z you can analyze the video load going from GPU 1 with standard settings to GPU 2 with this OBS settings.